Friday, October 28, 2005

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This blog is concerned primarily with alimony (spousal support) related items and not child support. In that the two are pretty much entwined, comments submitted by readers should be focused predominantly on alimony and not on child support. Gender bashing will not be permitted.

Divorce and divorce laws are turning marriage and family life into a misery.

Child support (child maintenance) is becoming an industry. Mothers universally have more chances of getting child custody AND the money for the children. As a result fathers loose their children, loose their money and are getting bankrupted.

If mothers loved their children so much AND also wanted equal rights with men, WHY DON'T THEY TAKE UP EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY? Why don't they go to work to take care of their children.

When my DAD lost work, he took a bicycle and went looking for work. He didn't sue Mom. When I need money to support my family, I look for employment. I read the appointment column. I don't sue my wife and try to take my children with me nor do I seek an increase every time my partner earns more.

In U.S.A. war veterans return home to get arrested for non-payment of arrears. They are left to face a REAL battle at home!!. The US is spending approx $ 46 billion OF TAX PAYERS money due to broken families and more would be needed in future.

Just look at U.S.A:
U.S.A. is spending $ 46 Billion every annum on programs caused due to broken families. Who's going to fix it ?

The great "good news" is that India, China and Asia in general is following !!

Divorce is NO LONGER an American or western phenomenon. It is universal.
(a) Child custody and hence child support favoring the mom,
(b) Men loosing their beloved children and most of their assets to wife.
(c) The magic domestic violence bills are becoming universal!!

Divorces are soaring in China. In Japan women are just waiting for their husbands to retire so that they can divorce them and get a good share of their retirement money!! "Till pay day - do - us - part..." :-((
Divorce taking deadly toll on senior men

Birth rates are falling across the democratic world as marriage and child bearing are no longer pleasure. They are becoming a pain - due to women using legal loopholes to make money out of a system. This will have a civilization impact.

God save us all !!


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