Friday, October 21, 2005

Marriage Strike? Women Rule?

One of the goals of this blog is to show you that you don’t have to be at the mercy of the family law system. A lot of you out there are hard pressed to afford the legal fees to defend yourself. This a position in which I found myself.

I am retired, living on a small Social Security check, have no assets and can’t afford someone to represent me. I was unable to pay the lifetime alimony with which I was saddled. They wanted to hold me in contempt and throw me in jail, I then made a resolve to not let that happen. To date, I have been successful.

Even if you have an attorney representing you, knowing what is happening in the area of alimony is worthwhile. At least you will be able to keep abreast of what is going on that will affect you. You never know when your financial situation will change and put you at risk.

New Revision Available
The Second Edition of the Fight Back!! ebook report is now available on the website for downloading. Many new articles and links have been added to help you with your Pro Se efforts in court.

Appeal Brief Filed
The initial amended brief was filed on October 17th in the Florida 4th District Court of Appeals on the request for a Declaratory Judgment (DJ) on the constitutionality of the Florida Statutes that govern dissolutions and alimony. Along with this has been filed a “Suggestion for Certification to the Supreme Court” of a matter of great public interest in regards to the DJ.

The Alimony Tide May Be Turning!!
Read this recent decision by the Florida 4th District Court of Appeals with Chief Judge J.C. Farmer concurring. This ruling will have far reaching effects.

Siplin Bill On Co-Habitation Passes
Co-habitation is a grounds for termination of alimony. However, the burden of proof is on the spouse requesting relief. See the text of the bill.

Marriage Strike
While the government is supposedly trying to encourage marriage by spending millions of taxpayer dollars to promote it, in reality, their tyrannical and gender biased court procedures are in fact preventing it and supporting the reasons to not get married or re-married again. Facing a better than 50% chance of getting a
divorce, men have declared a “marriage strike!”

Check these sites:
Renew America
Mens News Daily
The National Marriage Project
Matt Weeks. com

Here are some interesting articles to show how women are surpassing men and are more than equal in our society. Also, make note of the phrase “Women Rule.” There appears to be some sort of movement going on using that phrase. It's worth keeping an eye on this.
Read these articles:
Fortune Magazine
Business Week
St. Pete Times – Women in college
St. Pete Times – Women in government
Maynard Institute for Journalism Education
The Seattle Times

Google the phrase and you will come up with a lot more.

Interesting Reading
* Contempt of court - Arbitrary excess of power
* The Case Against Alimony
* Here's a case of college student David Zamos, taking on Microsoft’s battery of lawyers, and winning after some 37 rounds of motions and pleadings over the last 6 months. It shows you can win even if you are the underdog and are willing to fight back. I feel the same applies to family court. Educate yourself and challenge the system.

* Doing research and don't know where to look. Try this site:
* Legal Information Institute Great site for legal research
* Contempt of Court: A background study
* Levels of Scrutiny Under the Equal Protection Clause
* State Immunity - Suing the State (and Other Government Entities)
in the Twenty-First Century.

Tell others about your protest and help to spread the word that there is hope. Go here and get one.