Thursday, October 13, 2005


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Let it be stated at the outset that our goal is to abolish the present alimony (a/k/a spousal support) system with all it's inequities so that it can be replaced with a system that represents the present day reality. Divorce and family law is based on an antiquated social custom that it is a man's responsibility to support women because they are weaker, incapable of being equal to men, and better equipped to raise children. This is simply not the case in today's society and our laws need to be changed to reflect this fact.

We are making progress to challenge the constitutionality of the Florida Statutes. This blog will document our progress.

For an update of where we stand, you can go to:

We are in the process of filing our Appellant Initial Brief with the 4th DCA. They will be listed under this heading:
Florida 4th District Court of Appeals
Case # 4D05-3906