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Misandry by Feminists and the Media

I've been involved in something which was chaotic and insane. All I can say now is that I am, and intend to stay, a single man. --Sylvester Stallone


A Feminist View of Misandry

Take a look at the feminist view of men. Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist who shot Andy Warhol in 1968, has written a well-known example of misandry in her self-published SCUM Manifesto. In case you're wondering, SCUM is an acronym for 'Society for Cutting Up Men', practically a call for gendercide, the culling of men. Quite literally, Solanas expressed her desire to "institute complete automation and destroy the male sex."

Read the article Communism and the Family by Alexandra Kollontai written in 1920 and see the parallels to what is happening today in our society. It’s frighteningly accurate when you look around you today. Also, take a look at the teachings of the Communist Manifesto.


Below is an excellent article written by Barbara Kay, a writer for the Canadian Post which typifies how men are portrayed in the media. What is interesting to note is that this a analysis from a woman’s viewpoint and shows that not all women share the feminists views that have even permeated from the U.S. into Canada as well as among other nations.

Misandry Is The Message

Barbara Kay, Canadian National Post, 15May08

The family on the sofa [picture is in article on site below] is divided, but not equally. On one side a sullen, rather menacing father stares defiantly at the camera; on the other, a waifish, stressed-looking mother is shielding anxious children. The message of the advertisement is one we have heard or seen innumerable times in the media: domestic violence is only perpetrated by men, who are by nature disposed to controlling behaviours, while women and children (an inseparable unit) are always innocent victims.

I call it misandry, discrimination against men, but although the Ontario Human Rights Code bars “discrimination via signs or symbols,” I doubt that any charges of discrimination will be laid against the Canadian Women’s Foundation, which has been carpet-bombing the media with this ad. Its appearance in newspapers, bank statements and on the sides of buses is aimed at promoting awareness of domestic violence.

The image represents a half-truth and therefore a lie. The truth, established by all credible, peer-reviewed research, including our official number cruncher StatsCan, is that unprovoked intimate-partner violence is about equally split between men and women. Imagine another picture based on a half-truth: a woman on one side of the sofa, a man protecting children or even his aged mother on the other -- because women abuse the elderly and their children more frequently than men do. You never will see such an ad. Media bias against men is as notable for what you don’t see and hear as for what you do. [READ MORE]


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