Saturday, May 31, 2008

Divorce Industry Creates New Profit-Centers

It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice tell me I ought to do.” --Edmund Burke


The article below gives an excellent example of how the legal industry and the family law injustice system creates new ways to intrude into peoples lives in their ever-increasing quest for more money….in opening up additional opportunities by creating new profit-centers and expanding their influence and control into them.

More laws, means the expansion of government and related agencies to be able to administer the implemented laws. Pretty soon the number of people who are either in government or governmentally supported agencies will outnumber the people who are supporting all this with their taxes. Is it any wonder that the government is seeking ever-increasing avenues and sources of income to support their reckless growth?

California Legalizes Same-Sex Divorce

By Jim Untershine

Successful breadwinners of a same-sex household will be targeted by officers of the Family Court when their dependent partner is now forced to file for divorce. Instead of moving on with their lives, or amicably separating with conditions, the Family Court will now force the financial disclosure from both and attempt to establish a cash flow between them that is unfair enough to entice further litigation.

Palimony and domestic partnerships have always been a vehicle for allowing poor partners to make rich partners their slaves, but now there is no option - a judge must be involved to dissolve a marriage. With an atmosphere of no-fault divorce and an absence of a binding prenuptial agreement - the only arguments that will ever be heard in Family Court will regard the accuracy of each partner’s financial disclosures. The Family Court will always make the deep pockets partner pay all court costs, attorney’s fees, psychiatrists fees, evaluator fees, unaffordable alimony, and outrageous child support payments (even for someone else’s kid) until the kid finally graduates college. [READ MORE]


Equal Treatment For Men??

In a blatant show of gender bias in the government, see how it treats women in domestic violence cases and then see if you can find any mention of what kind of equal treatment men get under the same circumstances. You guessed it, they get none!

This treatment flies in the face of government statistics that show that women who abuse men is about the same as the number of men who abuse women. Then when you take into consideration that a majority of men don’t report case of DV against them and then the ratio changes into showing women as the move violent of the species. [Read an earlier blog on the subject]

Yet, where is the consideration for the creation of a Violence Against Men Act similar to the Violence Against Women Act? Where is the public outcry in response to that outrage?? The majority of the media ignores it, as is typical of the feminist NOW influence.

Representative of members of our noble elected officials who are elected to protect our constitutional rights

Senator Biden Wants to Give Your Ex-Wife a Free Attorney...

May 26th, 2008 by Glenn Sacks

"When it comes to domestic violence legislation, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and Senator Joe Biden (D-Del) owns an asphalt company.

"Biden’s latest domestic violence bill is the National Domestic Violence Volunteer Attorney Network Act, which amends Biden’s Violence Against Women Act to create an extensive network of volunteer attorneys to help abused women. The attorneys would provide free legal help in forging divorce or separation agreements and in winning child custody...[READ MORE]


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