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Women’s Tactics In Seeking Alimony: Part 1 - Domestic Violence

Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side. --Zig Ziglar


It would be well to preface this posting with the statement that it is a known fact that all women do not sympathize with or endorse the misandrist tactics used by the feminists. They understand the irreparable damage being done under the guise of advancing the status of women. Unlike the feminists, we are not misogynists and do not condemn the whole of womanhood by implying that the material in this posting applies to all women.

This blog has gone to great lengths to present articles in a manner of gender neutrality. However, at this time, since the feminists point of view seems to garner the lions share of media attention, it seems only fair to present a counter-point to the feminists viewpoint that will hopefully tend to dispel some of the negative influence they have generated and level the playing field with some accurate facts and figures that show that there is another side of the story.

We know how the mainstream media and such women’s groups as NOW have attempted to demonize and emasculate men by placing false labels and belittling titles of dubious credibility such as deadbeat dads, women and child abusers, domestic violence perpetrators. This is in conjunction with feeding stereotypes, misinformation, and partial information. etc. to the public to degrade them for some self-serving purpose of building themselves up at the expense of men.

One apparent reason for doing so is to enable them to receive more favorable treatment from the courts when they seek divorce. There is an extremely high profit-motive for them to leave marriage and take the children with them. Statistics show that women initiate from 70–80% of the divorces.

In doing so, by taking advantage of the “no-fault” laws, they have achieved a way of benefiting by financially and emotionally destroying men. In addition, they can acquire not only half the assets, retirement funds, and other remunerations from child support, they can have a lifetime income stream (if they have been married for over 10 years) resulting from women’s receipt of preferential treatment in the family law courts.

Stirring up hatred towards men is totally consistent with feminists and feminist ideology; both of which also thrive on male hatred. The more male hatred, the better. Myths are propagated with the use of false or inaccurate statistics, and their mantra that Men = Perpetrator, and Women and Children = Victim. All this aids and abets the profit-motive’s goals by the woman seeking alimony and using these techniques.

Women of this sort are guilty of taking a few bad apples and condemning not only the whole barrel but the entire grove from which they came. Using this approach, they apparently want to throw the baby out with the bathwater in their quest for dominance in the divorce process.

And, the feminists have succeeded in their quest to degrade men. As we have seen in earlier blog posts, all of the successes in the demonization of men has resulted in a “Marriage Strike” backlash which portends an ominous future for the institution of marriage. This backlash was not anticipated by the feminists and evidence of it is starting to rear its head and stands ready to bite them in the tush. How else would you interpret the U.S. Census Bureau’s finding that for the first time in the history of the U.S. that unmarried households outnumber the married households in 2005.

What will happen to feminists when no one wants to marry them for fear of the potential for financial suicide that will be incurred? If men won’t marry them, where will they find the walking wallets to drain? No marriage = no alimony or child support. There are now new alternatives to marriage. They have reached the point of diminishing returns with their greed and demanding a lifetime of alimony welfare. As a result, their efforts have created the marriage strike backlash that is acting as a detriment and affecting all the good women who don't agree with their methods.

If co-habitation is the product of this marriage strike, what will happen to all the little bastards that will inevitably result from this arrangement? The percentage of births to unmarried women has steadily increased in the past few decades, from 5.3 percent in 1960 to 36.8 percent in 2005 according to Child Trends Databank.The ties that bind apparently no longer do so. If these little bastards represent the future of this country, what can we then expect?

Rather than stoop down to the level of the feminists and demonize “all” women, let’s start off with some article and statistics on Domestic Violence which seems to be a good offensive tactic they constantly use against men in divorce situations with seemingly total impunity for false allegations.

Granted, women are not the only target of domestic violence, yet they are the ones favored by the media and shown as the “victims.” Rarely, do you hear of them being the aggressor. Somehow when it is the man against whom violence is directed, it is shrugged off with an attitude that “he probably deserved it anyway.” Most times it is not met with the same legal enforcement and protection as that provided to women.

Apparently, society and the media can’t envision a man as being a victim. Not only that, but for the same type of offense, women receive a far more lenient sentence. See Winkler, Bobbit, Lefave, Peacock, and Others.

Here are a couple of good articles that give some background and shows how aggressive women target men:

Not the Era of the Deadbeat Dad but the Era of the Hero Father
By Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks

“Decades of research show that women are as likely to abuse their male partners as vice versa, and that heterosexual men make up a significant minority of those suffering injuries in domestic assaults. However, gender politics has kept this research from influencing government and law enforcement policies. Many men know that revealing their wives’ violence usually means the wife will claim that she was abused, and the system will side with her. Fathers are commonly arrested, punished or slapped with custody sanctions for their wives’ violence.

Some fathers face false charges of domestic violence or sexual abuse, which are commonly used as custody maneuvers in divorce. Those most vulnerable to these charges are dads who are their children’s primary caregivers. Such charges are often made to separate these dads from their children so a new custody precedent can be set with mothers as the primary caregivers.”


RADAR ALERT: North Carolina Program Shortchanges Abusive Women

“If it's a good thing to teach boys that violence against women is unacceptable, one would think it should also be a good thing to teach girls that violence against men is unacceptable. Surely something is needed to counter the images Hollywood bombards us with showing women self-righteously hitting men, sometimes for a slight insult, sometimes for no reason at all.

The Winston-Salem Journal story tells us the city of Winston-Salem, N.C., Wachovia Corp., and Sara Lee Corp. all think that only boys need to be taught this lesson. Yet it's certainly a lesson that both sexes need to learn. The U.S. Dept. of Justice reports that 36% of those physically assaulted by an intimate partner are men. Clearly the women who physically attack these men were never taught that violence against men is unacceptable.”

Back in November, 2000, the same Department of Justice report stated that approximately 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States. That’s a lot of men being abused as well as women. To hear the feminists tell the story, men are never victims. This should dispel that myth.

Studies Shatter Myth About Abuse - by Karen S. Peterson, USA TODAY

The little-talked-about involvement of women in mutual aggression with men is "the third rail of the domestic violence field," says Richard Gelles, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work. "Touch it and you get electrocuted." Both he and Straus have done studies that caused fiery controversies.

Gelles says the lifetime risk of a woman being struck by a male intimate partner is about 28%. And "depending upon who is doing the survey and how you measure it, you could get numbers of up to 50%." But he says a man's lifetime risk of being struck by a woman is also about 28%.

A few years ago family violence researcher Murray Straus, co-director of the Family Research Lab at the University of New Hampshire, wrote an essay called "Women's Violence toward Men is a Serious Social Problem." Not only did women engage in partner violence at least as often as men, but women were actually more likely to deliver the first blow. Indeed, "every study finds that women initiate violence in a large proportion of cases," Straus noted.

"Family conflict" studies may reflect a broader population, Straus says, and take into account lesser types of aggression that don't lead to arrests or broken limbs. These studies show about the same rates of aggression by men and women.


It has been shown above and with the articles below that not only are men abusive but that women can just as violent. Is their aggression only directed at the man? Or, do you think they can be abusive and violent towards their children?

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Administration of Children and Families reports that " In 2005, of the approximately 899,000 child abuse and neglect victims, 57.8 percent of child abuse and neglect perpetrators were females and 42.2 percent were males. 40.8 percent of child victims were maltreated by their mothers acting alone whereas only "18.8 percent were maltreated by their fathers acting alone. Regarding fatalities, 30.5% were caused by women only and 18.2% were caused by men only.”

When you have households where the women are the custodial parent and no father is there, would you expect different statistics? Women can be abusive to their children just as well as towards men. And, the number of unmarried single parent households is growing each year. So, it doesn’t appear that there will be any mitigation to the problem.

In this blog, we have seen where women have total disregard for the institution of marriage and who seek alimony using tactics that involves deceit, false allegations, profit-motivation and debasing of men to do so. Rarely do you see or hear about the other side of the coin about the men who don’t want to get divorced or leave their children, and who get no closure to an emotionally draining event in their lives. They are seen as the perpetrators and aggressors and not as loving family men. Hopefully, this blog will show you that this false image is not always true.

In the final analysis, the battle of the sexes is a war that can’t be won by either side and until they come to that realization, there will never be peace among them and there can be no winners. The combatants are so engaged in the battle that they have lost sight of the requirements necessary to restore the family.

Letting the government attempt to provide a solution is “NOT” the answer. They’ve had their chance and have shown that they have no aptitude, capability or competence to adequately perform the job. The only ability they have shown is to be able to inefficiently squander outrageous amounts of taxpayer’s money with a high degree of incompetence.

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.
--Henny Youngman


* Public heaps scorn on male victims of abusive women - Suzanne Steinmetz, now a sociology professor at Indiana University, called "husband beating" the most unreported crime in the United States.

* Studies shatter myth about abuse - the newest findings challenge the feminist belief that "it is men only who cause violence," says psychologist Deborah Capaldi of the Oregon Social Learning Center. " That is a myth."

* Women As Verbal Abusers

* Resolution 590: Why is Congress ignoring the needs of abusive women?

* Violence Against Women Act Ignores Epidemic Of Violent Women - By ignoring the male victim, the Violence Against Women Act does a gross disservice to men. That goes without saying. VAWA also violates one of our most cherished Constitutional protections: equal treatment under the law.


* Programs to help abusive women, male victims - With the increased number of women charged with domestic battery comes an increase in the number of men battered. Males make up 37.5 percent of all documented abuse, according to the latest survey from the National Violence Against Women organization.

* Men in Intimate Relationships With Abusive Women: The Myths and Realities

* Men Abused By Women - In 2004, it was reported that in the previous five years more than half a million men in Canada had a female partner who was violent toward them.

* Men as Victims of Domestic Violence - American Television Programme on ABC Television 20/20 21st September 1997 – Barbara Walters hosting.

* Why Do Men Stay in Abusive Relationships?


* Ask Dr. Helen: If Moms Ran the World


* What a Piece of Sh*t is Man


* After 40, it's wives who divorce the husbands

* The Scandal of “Unilateral Divorce”—How No-Fault Divorce Undermines Society

* Taking Marriage Private

* Husband Abuse Husband Assault

* Hawaiian Libertarian - The descent of Western Civilization into the social chaos and primitive existence of Matriarchal structured society is becoming more and more evident.

* Family Law Act 1996No-fault divorce responsible with divorce taking place on the basis of UNILATERAL UNSUBSTANTIATED DEMAND. Women’s mantra “I don't want you but I want your money.” So it goes in the UK as in other places of the world.

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