Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Marriage Strike Advocated And Endorsed

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Group Advocating To Abolish Lifetime Alimony Endorses
Nationwide Marriage Strike

Venice, FL., - March 21, 2007. - The Abolish Alimony Organization,
with thousands of supporters around the country who are burdened
with "lifetime" alimony payments, is advocating and promoting
a nationwide "Marriage Strike" to protest the way the family law
system of oppressive dissolution statutes are crafted by state
legislature and then administered by state courts granted sweeping
discretionary authority. The dissolution of marriage system is
causing the demise of the institution of marriage along with the
devastation of the family unit.

The Marriage Strike is nothing new. It is a well-documented,
ongoing worldwide phenomena that is just now showing its head and
being recognized. More and more people are electing to avoid marriage
in favor of cohabitation for a number of reasons.

William A. Cabana, chairman of the organization says, "The purpose of
this strike is two-fold. First, to alert individuals contemplating
marriage as to the hazards of entering into a marriage contract that
could adversely affect their financial status and cause the loss of a
meaningful contact with their children should they get divorced, and
second; to alert the legislators, courts and the public that reform
is needed immediately to rectify the inequities that exist."

The theme of the strike is "NO MARRIAGES....NO DIVORCES" and
is encouraging individuals who are contemplating marriage to show
their support and avoid marriage until the system is reformed to
where divorce is equitable for both parties.

Cabana says, "without marriages, there can be no divorces. Without
divorces, there are no legal proceedings. Without legal proceedings,
there are no attorneys or courts involved in the spouses lives.
Without attorneys or courts involved in their lives, there will be
no adverse financial consequences for the parties and no profits
to be made off the divorce proceedings by the legal profession,
the court system or the State. When there are no profits to be made,
only then will the attorneys, courts and the legislatures sit up and
take notice."

Divorce is a huge industry making many lawyers wealthy and feeding
the bureaucracies associated with divorce, i.e., mental health
bureaucracy, child support enforcement bureaucracy, domestic violence
administration bureaucracy, etc. Lawyer created legislation has given
lawyers a multitude of avenues to create as many adversarial divorces
as possible.

Just as tort reform is necessary in America dissolution of marriage
laws and courts are in need of major reform. As an example of needed
reform is this Florida Appellate court ruling. It is a ruling of
which citizens getting married are completely unaware.

In the Florida case of Daniel v. Daniel, 922 So.2d 1041
(Fla.App. 4 Dist. 2006), it says:

"Since marriage is of vital interest to society and the state, it has
frequently been said that in every divorce suit the state is a third
party whose interests take precedence over the private interests of
the spouses." Posner v. Posner, 233 So.2d 381, 383 (Fla. 1970)."

The ease with which a divorce can be accomplished with the help of
no-fault divorce laws along with the promise of at least half of the
assets, pensions and retirement funds, coupled with child support if
there are children and a lifetime of alimony support payments are a
strong incentive for a dissatisfied spouse to terminate the marriage
while the other spouse picks up the bill.

Supporting this view is the fact of the divorce rate hovering
around the 50% mark and the recent statistics from the Census Bureau
are showing that there are now more unmarried households in the U.S.
than married ones. These numbers have been steadily growing since the
advent of the no-fault divorce and the trend shows no signs of abating.

The Marriage Strike is nothing new and is a well-documented and
ongoing worldwide phenomena that is just now showing its head and
being recognized. More and more people are electing to avoid marriage
in favor of cohabitation for a number of reasons.

Many unmarried men, seeing what the hazards of divorce can have on
their financial security are electing not to marry. Divorced spouses
who are paying alimony have seen the devastating effects divorce can
impose on their financial resources and removal of their children from
their life. While on the other hand, spouses who are receiving alimony
do not want to have the alimony income terminated in the event they
get remarried again.

As a result, more people who have been divorced, are now electing to
avoid marriage. With cohabitation, all of them can have their cake and
eat it too. The sum result of all this has been a "Marriage Strke."
sponsored, in effect, by the ways the family laws have been administered

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