Sunday, July 30, 2006

Second Wives Suffer Too!

It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing,
and to talk by the hour. -- Thomas Jefferson

The following is a post from the viewpoint of a “Second Wife” of a spouse who pays alimony. It points out that there is no “closure” to a divorce and that the family law system’s tentacles have a grip on you for the rest of your life.

It makes you wonder if legal system’s creation of the alimony statutes with their awards of “lifetime alimony” were instituted for the sole purpose of creating “job security” and a “guaranteed income” for those representing the parties in adversarial relationships.

One of the purported reasons the family law system uses to justify alimony for a lifetime is ostensibly to keep a spouse off the public welfare rolls. However, they do not seem to have the same regard when they place the other spouse on the welfare rolls by burdening them with paying the lifetime alimony. The Florida government works in strange ways.


Second Wives Suffer Too!

As a second wife, I can attest to the fact that second wives suffer as a result of the unjust alimony "scheme." My husband if forced to pay 10K a year to his ex-wife, who left him and was unfaithful to him for over 15 years (with their accountant for whom she was 'working').

When his ex tripled her salary in two years' time, my husband filed for a downward modification. The ex-wife had told my husband that she only needed alimony for 1 - 11/2 years. True to her word, she did indeed let him out of alimony for almost a year...THEN, we went on a vacation about the same time her married boyfriend decided to stay with his wife.

The rest is history...we lost $70,000 in legal fees (on both sides) husband simply wanted a reduction and eventual termination. His ex has a good job and is vested by the FRS (Florida). She has literally blown her division of assets and argued that she must support her two daughters, even though they are emancipated (almost 24 and 27).

All of my financial business was entered as "evidence" -that we live an "extravagant" lifestyle. For the record, the courts know what I earn, what I paid for MY home (purchased before I even met my husband). They even asked about the square footage, etc. The Court completely overlooked the fact that the ex-wife now lives in a home (she rents because she squandered her assets on her girls' live-in boyfriends...this is IN the court documents) that is much larger than our home and the home in which she and my husband used to reside.

The magistrate ruled against us...we had a rehearing with a judge...ditto...even though the judge stated that the former wife had substantially increased her income. She also said that the case is not a child support case.

Our opinion is this...the Florida Bar and the lawyers are making a mint off of average income earners in our state. Their "agenda" is a very liberal one...take from Party A and give to Party B so there will be equity.

Didn't anyone ever read Orwell's Animal Farm? If this isn't a Communist type threat, we don't know what is.

Band together, Floridians, and tell your legislators that enough is enough...this type of slavery must end!

Ginger S., Wellington, FL

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