Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have the People Lost Control of Their Government??

There is an interesting article that reflects our sentiments about the marriage situation in today's society with the government's intervention in areas of personal privacy where they have no right to be intruding:

Nevada Democrats vote to Establish a New Civil Religion

"We need to outlaw marriage all together. Marriage is a religious act. Why is the government allowed to license a religious act? Did you know that in Nevada the minister has to get a license to marry people too? What garbage. That is why Patrick Henry fought against England. Marriage licenses started to allow inter-racial marriage because it was against the law to inter-racial marry. Why are we still promoting a racist licensing system?

Why not license baptisms or a Temple recommends or First Holy Communions or a briss or tree hugging?

We need to get the government out of marriage and the way to do it is to end government benefits for marriage. No more government benefits for married people. SIMPLE. Gays get no rights (chains) they want because there aren’t any and they don’t have to pay for so-called good Christians government benefits they get from marriage." [READ MORE....]

Even more disturbing is the link at the top of the page that says "Martial Law is on its way?" Take a few minutes and view the video. It kind of makes you wonder what direction our government is heading.

Have the people lost control?? You decide.