Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jailed For Contempt Of Court

“They still don't want to admit to the world that this isn't the best and the fairest and most equal justice system. And that they are guilty of railroading people into jail. They don't want to, or never will, admit these things.” --Leonard Peltier

On January 6, 2006, at the end of a two-day trial for his Petition for Modification of Alimony, the author of this Blog, Bill Cabana, was thrown in jail for contempt of court resulting from the false allegations of opposing counsel that his mother was hiding money for him in her retirement accounts.

The real crime he committed was the crime of living below the poverty level and not having enough money income from his $766/mo. Social Security check to pay the lifetime alimony anymore. On top demanding an almost $9,000 purge amount to get out of jail, the court assess him $250/mo to be paid from his small Social Security check to pay his ex for inflated arrearages.

On the plus side, he was successful in getting all further alimony terminated. However, since the court falsely determined that his mother was hiding his money and that he allegedly owed $135,000 in arrearages, they assessed him with approx. $27,000 of the ex's attorney's fees. Now he is living on $516/mo. and with no assets. This is your court system. A court, which is suppose to operate in "equity."

The court has no qualms about stomping a person further into the ground when he is down. And people wonder why there is no respect for the courts and all the laws that have proliferated.

If you think that this war is over just because the enemy has won a few battles and unjustly incarcerated Bill for three weeks, keep checking this Blog. He has just begun to fight. Now that the little skirmishes with small-minded, gender-biased judges who make unreasoned rulings and ignore constitutional rights along with unethical attorneys have ended, the real battles are ahead and our goals of abolishing alimony are in sight.

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