Thursday, February 04, 2010

Domestic Violence in Divorce Proceedings

It is understood that many women are coached by their lawyers to file domestic violence complaints against their spouse as a tactic to get the upper hand in divorce proceedings.  These complaints are very effective and as a result, men need to know what to expect when facing the possibility that it might occur in their divorce.

Even though women are frequently the instigators, the odds are overwhelming that the man will be the one arrested and made to leave the home. Even if the man is defending himself, there is a good possibility that he will suffer that fate.

Veterans are especially vulnerable toDV accusations. If you are not familiar with the impact of a domestic violence conviction or a permanent protection order on a veteran's life, here is a summary of the lifetime penalties.:

* Barred from holding a job,
* Denied a security clearance,
* Unable to rent an apartment,
* Forbidden from obtaining school loans,
* Unable to hold any professional licenses,
* Unable to get or hold a teachers certificate,
* Cannot obtain credit or a financial bond,
* Unable to become police officers or firefighters,
* Cannot hold a commercial drivers license,
* Unable to obtain medical insurance,
* Cannot work with hazardous materials or explosives,
* Often have their children taken from them,
* Subjected to federal felony charges if they are even around a weapon or ammunition,
* Discharged from the service under less than honorable conditions and often lose all benefits, retirement, bonuses, and medical care.

In effect the veteran is a dead man walking after a conviction or court order in one of these cases.

Below is a good site with a lot of information for which you should be familiar so that you will be prepared for this possible occurrence: